YouTube Series

A. Rosetta Stone for games, Nobuo Uematsu
B. Fake Home Videos from 80’s/90’s
1. grainy VHS
2. young Skye
C. Barhopping
D. GEICO commercial
E. Politics, Cloris looking out for younger generation
F. “We are the World” Anti-GW video
G. Burn George Wood puppet
H. Cloris reads GITCY scripts
I. Beatrice and Bushhead
J. Cloris takes on Roger Ebert on games; challenges/dares
K. Cloris as game tester
L. Giorgio Cantorini
M. Cloris as old Lara Croft
N. see clear plastic avatoy trays
O. game play idea: trying to behave like NPC to avoid being spotted in crowd by rival player; Spy Party game, expanding on FFXI stalking-in-woods experience
P. Cloris impersonates people who DON’T get expected Oscar nod
Q. George Wood on “To Catch a Predator”
R. Use the post-Cloris-visit stories for E! True Hollywood; George as one night stand, he’s “no Hackman,” Gene hacks through Wood
S. Gamers have Cloris test their most beloved games
T. Cloris caught in bed… with DS game under the covers
U. Cloris calls spoofers
V. Cloris cries because Skye won’t let her play games
W. Cloris has crush on Ron Paul; spoof of Obamagirl
X. short film premise or gimmick: Cloris does everything George Wood has ever done