Sticky Notes, Frontburner

9. certificates or mini-trophies for nominees, contributors
10. Mark DeLoura, linkedin; Mary Margret; Marc Mencher
14. Twitch re: our PAX booth, photo op, pick up trophies, podcasts, young staff
15. stories on entry page
22. Sticky Notes, backburner
23. Awards Junkies, see Sports Junkies
25. commission a report correlating dev noms, sales
37. ads on Gamasutra, Joystiq, Kotaku, Escapist, VentureBeat, Reuters, Variety, Eurogamer, Gamespot, Polygon, Develop, GD, IGN, linkedin; distrib EIN, PR Newswire (significant press: LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Nerdist, USA Today, Zap2It, BuzzFeed, MSN).
38. new ip free entries, for first how many?
39. surveym congrats notes?
40. Jill Zinner
41. E3 attendee registration by April 28
42. awards: comedian monologue (contest?), pundits, voice actors, and getting wall’d; obstacle course to podium, like platform game with pits, maybe a question mark block or exclamation point block above podium, they hit it and award pops up;