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Can video games be sports?

E-sports are like email: the digital equivalent of something we’ve been doing for centuries.
by Vlad Savov

“E-sports” miss the point of sports
by Sam Byford

Is the NFL rulebook really that much simpler or is it just more familiar?
Why does Dota even need the cachet of games played with balls on fields?
True e-sports should be designed as such.

AAA Exclusives Get Squishy

This IDC study reviews the AAA console exclusives that are due out in late 2014 and describes how the definition of the “exclusive” experience has gotten fuzzier in recent years and why this fuzziness is likely to deepen in 2015 and beyond.

“Timed exclusives and early access to DLC are becoming the new normal on consoles,” says Lewis Ward, IDC’s research director of Gaming. “New opportunities have emerged for early multiplayer beta access as well, and when this is done right, it can be a boon to both indie studios and console platform providers.”