YouTube Streamers

Angry Joe at has 1.8 Million subscribers and does review based gaming on his channel of a wide variety of large and well known game titles.
Purge at has 328k subscribers, only plays dota 2 and has a couple of how to’s on his channel. Probably not the best person to use, better to use someone in a much more professional circuit.
Cry at – has 1 million subscribers and does let’s plays of a wide variety of games that focus a lot of choice and narrative while giving commentary on it.
VaatiVidya at has 330k subscribers and does videos about Dark Souls and Dark Souls Like games.
Totalbiscuit at has 1 million subscribers and does a review based channel, his most common one being “WTF is…” series.
Extra Credits at has 413k subscribers and does on video game concepts and creation.
Northernlion at has 480k subscribers and does a lot of indie steam games, with his biggest and longest series playing Binding of Isaac, with a stream of conciousness style commentary.
Super Best Friends Play at has 495k subscribers and is 4 friends who make jokes while playing games, generally bad ones.
Dodger at has 560k subscribers and seems to do a lot of anime games with a comedic style.
Jesse Cox at has 748k subscribers and does a wide range of lets plays with comedic commentary
Markiplier at– has 5.7 million subscribers and does let’s plays with a comedian style commentary while also adding in highlight videos and extra’s that have to do with his gaming channel.
Pewdiepie at 34.1 million subscribers and does let’s plays in a comedian style and has extra comedic videos of his gaming.
I recognize that a lot of these have comedic styles, but recognize that the comedy is of different styles. Some do a lot of shouting and generally just playing around(Markiplier, Pewdiepie). Others make joking commentary on what is happening in the game(Dodger, Jesse Cox).
-Christopher McClarin