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Visibility Report

Nominees press release:

261 websites
939 release views
134 org views
226 tweets
102 click-throughs
78/100 total visibility (50 average)
45/100 distribution
88/100 traffic
100/100 audience
100/100 engagement

Joe Osmann

I read over the material you sent which gave me a vague idea of your project. You can reach in my office today at 301ac8462570 until noon and from 1:30 to 5:00 PM. I will be at home tomorrow (Thursday) 301ac2931040. My daughter had a serious horseback riding accident and had surgery yesterday. I will be looking after her but will be able to talk about the project.

Let’s try to meet on either July 7th or 8th. Location?

Regards, Joe Osmann
JOsmann at frederick dot edu

What People Are Saying about “Gaming in the Clinton Years”

Isn’t there some kind of unwritten rule not to bring your private life into video game reviews?

Is there something you want to share with us, reviewer man?

That lucky sumbitch with them 3 hot chicks!

But when I heard 9, I was face to face with Tifa Lockhart’s breasts.

This is dumb! If the reviewer doesn’t like the genre they have no business doing reviews on these types of games.

This dude sucks at reviewing.

Wow, not only is this guy a complete ignoramus, he’s a homophobe too.

George Wood is dead for many reasons. This is one of them.

Final Fantasy 7 was the quintessential sellout game and I can never forgive Square for such treachery.

This person… or whatever I should call it, obviously put his dick into the hole in the CD/ROM disc and couldn’t get it out.

Yeah now he’s gonna say the enemies from Duke Nukem 3D are demons. LOL.

Navgtr, no… just, no. STOP.

First they’re not aliens they’re demons and second: max health is 200 not 100.

This guy is obvious troll.

The guy playing this is on crack.

Rodent? *twitch* He’s a goddamn marsupial.

This is the best game I have ever played in my life and Mario is nothing near fun as this.

Crash Bandicoot 2 was my very first video game I’ve ever played.

You died 3 times and you say it’s easy.

You’re expecting a turn-based tactic game not to have menu navigation for attack?

If you’re bashing ANY Final Fantasy, then you aren’t an RPG fan.

He’s the kind of guy that uses the notes section of all his games’ instruction manuals.

I like how he says “This game is too easy” then immediately follows it up with “Some of these stars are nearly impossible to get!”

If you don’t like RPG’s you shouldn’t play them, because grinding and character ‘n’ plot development are the foundation of the genre.

Wait, are you saying Super Mario World… SUCKED???

Is it just me or did Mario and Luigi’s parents’ house look like the same houses that Smurfs live in?

Is this guy serious? Did he just say that Super Mario World was less pleasing?

I love how u explain it and i love your voice:)

Let’s see this guy go back to the 90’s and make a game 1/16th as good as this.

This review was a joke.

Douche. Perhaps that’s being generous. Yes, it is.

This guy is an idiot, this game was amazing.

I would love to see a modern sword-based fighter that would actually allow limb removal and fatal cuts, etc.

I remember having a lot of fun playing this game. I don’t know why the reviewers didn’t like it.

The play control is so good that you’ll actually notice how good it is! My commentary is so redundant that you’ll actually notice how redundant it is!

Awww maaan! I finished the whole game but never shot the smiling asteroids! Now I want to play this game again!

navgtr couldn’t afford the game to review it; otherwise it would’ve cut into his bus fare.

Is this video really from the 90’s? Looks fake.

Hold up, did he just compare Power Stone to Street Fighter?

Is that Adam Sessler reviewing this game?

It’s LARA not Laura. God. The designers called her Laura Cruz, then changed it, partly so Americans could pronounce her name better, so they still say it wrong!

This reviewer drives me crazy!

Of course this guy would find the Virtual Boy cool! LOL.


This guy has a huge bonner for Busby. [sic]

This idiot has no idea what he is talking about.

By the way, I am going to dig this game out of storage and play it just because you trashed it.

Controls are supposed to be sensitive on aircraft. You clearly have the steady hand of an ADHD kid with exceedingly high blood sugar.

The narrator needs to be tortured and killed.

This guy always complains about the controls; he just can’t play and blames the controls.

Best troll ever.

He even has to complain about the rumble pack; he’ll find anything to bitch about.

If it takes place in space IT MUST BE STAR WARS!

Wow… really? Gran Turismo a flop?

Yeah, like I really need to know the setup for a 10+ year old game system that no one ever bought.

Man that review was really drawn out and a bit too lengthy and in-depth.

This guy misses the best part of the game. You beat up clowns. As Batman!

I just clicked on this vid cuz of the duck.

WHOA! THREE 32-bit processors??? That’s up surd! People in the 90’s were crazy.

“Resident Evil’s nearly impossible without the hint book.” Get the F out! I beat that [crap] all by myself when I was nine.

This guy probably has the attention span of an effing rock if he thinks you need the hint book to get the puzzles done.

I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought the Rugrats PSX game was actually great.


me encanta este juego

Haters of the world unite.

Christ on a 2-wheeler. I thought the Irate Gamer was bad but this? THIS?

I hope this guy doesn’t start “Gaming in the Obama Years”

I like how he expects you to buy a $40 game, then use a cheat code to beat it right away and spoil the ending.

Idiot, you don’t just eat Pizza to full health. Play your RPG’s more than once and stop uploading these crappy reviews. Earthbound’s an awesome game. Stop raping people’s childhood.

You’ve obviously suffered quite a few blows to the head to dislike this game.

So he thinks that SGI computers were DISCOVERED?

I loved punching kids in the face while carving fresh powder.

My grandma bought me this way back and… I really f’in hated it.

I hate your grandma.

This guy did like 3 leg sweeps in a row, learn how to play! I’m not the best player in the world, but I’m way better than this guy!

Rinoa looks great in her white dress.

Unbelievably dumb to even suggest this is hot coffee. It’s not even close!

In Final Fantasy 7, Cloud bangs Tifa yet no one talks about it.

“You have to reset the game to change characters.” That proved that you’re DUMBER THAN BUSH HIMSELF!

This guy’s a tool.

Yoshi – that’s my nigga fo life!

I used to play this with my sister like every day when I was 8. This, Mega Man X, and Super Mario were my life.

I remember watching my older brother play this.

Yes, why DID James Bond jump without a rope? Oh yeah, because he saw this review!