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WROB-inkgrove memo

To start, I’ll hit each of the initiatives we have wanted to push over our 12 years and why. We can prioritize or adapt based on:

*what is most valuable from a PR perspective

*where we have the best chance for ROI

1. The NAVGTR Awards (press-based, not peer-based)
As we have grown, I feel our program has the design of the Emmys and the spirit of the Golden Globes. If you look at our categories, they most closely match the Emmys (if you consider the non-televised creative arts Emmys where shows like Game of Thrones win a dozen Emmys before the big night). Because our voters are press, we share the Golden Globes’ tendency to really want to recognize new talent. All of this has been a winning combination in this way: because our award categories are so specialized (i.e. 4 categories for musical scores alone) and also have dedicated categories for new IP, very new or unrecognized talent has often been honored side by side with the big dogs.

One year we had 70 nominations that went to indies, plus several wins! It’s nice for an indie to say they won the same award as a big dog! The design of the program has been great for recognizing talent more comprehensively than anyone else, but brutally tough in terms of achieving a live in-person awards ceremony.

Reliance on trade shows has its own issues, and the cost of attending a trade show or award ceremony is really something that just gets in the way for award winners… and for our budget! I am willing to divorce our awards schedules from trade shows and events, and use them strictly as opportunities for photo-ops with the award, and building buzz.

2. Building Buzz
Besides the fact that various “competitive” awards groups understandably lock us out of DICE, GDC, E3, etc., I would still like to pursue a more complementary angle for our awards and organization. We are close to releasing an android app that allows users to start award buzz with category-specific tweets. Perhaps our trade show presence can be built around buzz for all the video game awards, starting the speculation about what will be nominated for NAVGTR and others, and after nominees are announced, that continues into handicapping races as seen at our PAX panel:

3. Promoting NAVGTR Visibility
I think we have the program and the parts of a plan to serve as fertile ground once we determine the best way to execute. The needs we must prioritize are:

*encouraging more entries into the program (fees), before Thanksgiving for announcement of nominees in January

*more actively promoting past talent, minding headhunter concerns (use very big or very small names); we have 918 photos of past nominees

*gathering “stories” of past nominees and winners

*sustaining trade show/festival presence, tied or not tied to awards schedule, partnering with podcaster/streamer like Twitch.TV or other

*considering promotion of annual and cumulative winner tallies for individuals who have won most awards (effectively similar to a Hall of Fame but grounded in actual award history and tallies; Miyamoto and Houser have equal wins, Miyamoto is most nominated)

*as these efforts increase revenue, go back and ship awards to people who did not get them as they were “too protected” by the corporations or our outreach was not strong enough, and use job recruiter services to encourage developers to search for their names in our database

4. Current Trade Shows/Festivals being considered
PAX South – for exhibiting

E3 – for exhibiting

GDC Next – for networking

Indiecade – for networking

GDC/DICE could be effective if we can get away with a podcaster booth/buzz panel approach where we promote/handicap all awards as a way to promote ours (or the org) by stealth, even if done under separate company (either a company we own or even under a PR firm at E3, as the idea could be a great value add or reduce costs to clients).

If we don’t rule out PAX or E3, we could discuss strategies and ideas for events there.

I am trying to weigh the value of a podcaster/streamer booth, inviting press to use space in front of our nominee wall, giving the coverage a red carpet feel that advances the awards despite the lack of an award ceremony… People loved our booth at PAX East! and

5. other initiatives

*a PRN killer

*award bump sales data

*ad campaign gamasutra

*what to include if using kickstarter

Any new board of advisors people who would attract entries we could also feature on the site more prominently, and/or via announcement, if you think that is appropriate.

Cloud Gaming USA

A dedicated blast to your US database would be perfect.

From my end I can offer you a conference pack insert, branding as a media partner on all banners and conference materials, logo and description on the website, a complimentary business pass with access to the networking centre to contact all attendees, and a tracked blast to all attendees after the event.

That way you can directly interact with these speakers: and a senior delegate list that looks like this:

IRS Form 8822B

As of Jan. 1, 2014, the IRS released a new form called the Change of Address or Responsible Party — Business form 8822B that is to be utilized by businesses to update their current contact information for the responsible party on file with the IRS. This form must be filed to report the most current information for this responsible party within 60 days of the change. – See more at:

New CFPB Foreclosure Rules

New mortgage rules designed to curb some of the shady practices that triggered the national foreclosure crisis went into effect this week, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said.

“You can think of all these changes as a ‘back to basics’ moment for the mortgage market: No debt traps, surprises and runarounds,” the agency said on its blog. “And a market where, if you run into trouble paying your mortgage, you’ll have a fair shot at all the options available to help you avoid foreclosure.

The new rules prohibit mortgage servicers from “dual-tracking,” or starting a foreclosure while they are working with a homeowner; and they require servicers to help borrowers understand all the options available to them.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was established after the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform law to help protect consumers. An agency fact sheet reminded borrowers that their first step when seeking help is to contact an expert HUD-approved housing counseling agency such as the members of the MD HOPE Counseling network. Call the HOPE Hotline at (877) 462-7555 for a list of counseling network members.

Maryland’s foreclosure prevention efforts are ranked among the most comprehensive in the nation. Under the O’Malley-Brown administration, more than 93,000 borrowers have sought help through the MD HOPE Counseling network since the foreclosure crisis first hit in 2007 and counselors helped nearly 25,000 find alternatives to losing their home.