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The Official 65 Step Film Production Checklist

Script breakdown, business plan, etc. are covered here:

“Have a plan for the movie when it is complete. Will you take the festival route? Will you market it to colleges and universities? Will you send it directly to sales agents and acquisition pros?

Note: While it’s great to imagine that a movie distributor will hand you a million dollar check, this rarely happens. In fact, most movies end up in popular marketplaces like Amazon and iTunes, and others. You must plan for this.”

Resources for Game Developers

Game engines, frameworks, 3D modeling, animation software, raster graphic, vector graphic, pixel art, audio editing, 2D animation, and screen recording resources have been posted by here:

How to Start an App Business

This course on Mobile App Business teaches you how to build apps for businesses without writing a single piece of code. You can build high quality apps for your clients in as little as an hour and charge several thousand dollars to do so. No previous experience is required to make this dream a reality. This course teaches you how to make top quality mobile apps using the online app building services Conduit Mobile and iBuildApp, the most powerful and cost effective app building services on the market.

The Mobile App Development Market

Did you know that the average cost to develop a mobile app for a business is $5,000 – $15,000? Did you know that those prices are only for one Apple or Android App? If you could build your client an Apple app and an Android app for $4,000 or less, do you think they would hire you as their developer? Yes, they will!

Coschedule Plugin

CoSchedule is only $10 per month per blog for unlimited social media accounts. This plan will give you everything that you need for your blog. Plus, it comes with a free 14-day trial (no credit card required).

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AAA Exclusives Get Squishy

This IDC study reviews the AAA console exclusives that are due out in late 2014 and describes how the definition of the “exclusive” experience has gotten fuzzier in recent years and why this fuzziness is likely to deepen in 2015 and beyond.

“Timed exclusives and early access to DLC are becoming the new normal on consoles,” says Lewis Ward, IDC’s research director of Gaming. “New opportunities have emerged for early multiplayer beta access as well, and when this is done right, it can be a boon to both indie studios and console platform providers.”