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LA Cosplay Con: move, load dates

Here is some important information you will need to know. I’ve attached a form above for those who need power in their booth. You will need to fill this out and send back no later then June 2nd, to Edlen who is the company handling the power needs for our show.
Move in Dates:

Friday, June 12, 7:00pm-10:00 pm and Saturday 7:00 am –10:30 am. All Booths must be set up no later then 10:30am on Saturday, June 13th.

*We have very tight time schedule that was given for move in/move out. Please keep in mind for 2016 we will be at a convention center so this will not be an issue.
Move out times:

Exhibit hall closes at 5:30. You can start breaking down your booth at this time. All materials from your booth will have to be removed and taken out of the convention no later then midnight on Saturday June 13th.


 If you decide to move in on Friday, June 12th we can provide your badges this day.If you choose to move in on Saturday, June 13th all exhibitors will need to pick up badges at the registration booth.
All guest/speakers (with or without tables) will pick up badges in the VIP Lounge by registration located in the Constellation Ballroom 2.

Loading Docks:

For exhibitors that are driving in for LA Cosplay, you will head to the self parking area,(Solar Way, behind hotel) where staff will help you unload your vehicle and stay with your items  until you  park. Our staff will guide you though the back entrance helping you with your items and getting you to your booth.

The Self-parking garage is located at the end of Solar Way, behind the hotel. There will be staff around this area to direct traffic for exhibitors and attendees coming in for LA Cosplay.  Cost will be  $12.00 for the day. If you would like to valet it’s $20.00.

Updated Map with booth locations and number:

This will be sent out next week

Cosplay Contest:


After Party: Presented by NERDS like us

8:00 pm-11:00 pm

All guests/ exhibitors will receive a complimentary wrist band to attend the after party. If you chose not to attend the party you may hand in the band to a staff member. All of our staff will be dressed in blue LA Cosplay Con shirts.

Thank you for all of your support and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any questions you may have.

Message from Heather Ellertson

I’d like to extend my gratitude and thank everyone for being a part of LA Cosplay Con! I really appreciate everyone who’s taking the time to attend and contributed to make our 2nd year bigger and better. As a complimentary gift, we will have care packages waiting for all of our Guests, Cosplay Guests, and Speakers. These will be located in the VIP lounge in Constellation #2. You will also be able to pick up  your badges in the same room.
Here’s a quick overview of our events for the Con:
We will be having fight demonstrations provided by Renegade Effects outside on the Plaza Level. Panels will be ran throughout the con,  a movie screening,  A special live filming for an upcoming movie will also be happening during con hours, exhibitor hall, Cosplay Contest, and an after party from 8:00 pm- 11:00 pm.
We would love for all of you to enjoy the day and participate in all we have to offer. If there are certain necessities during the con that is needed, our friendly staff will be there to help.
We would like to ask all of our guests to kindly promote this one liner on all social media for the next couple of weeks prior to our con. Please see below
Come attend LA Cosplay Con! Where cosplay comes first! #LACC2015